Metal Finishes and Bluing examples.

As a gun metal finish provider, we offer the most comprehensive resource of finishes available, all carried out in house! This is not a complete list of finishes, but some of our most requested for antique and custom guns. More examples are in our pricing page and gallery page.

Bone Charcoal Color CaseCase coloring for Winchesters, Colts, LC Smith, and other fine Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns.
Bone Charcoal Case Color: Our case coloring is prepared and processed to correspond with the different coloring patterns and designs set forth by the manufacturers. Special attention to detail here is of the utmost importance. As an example; a Colt, Winchester, and Marlin should not all look the same as there are differences between them. Antique firearms and new guns can receive this metal finish.
Cyanide Case ColoringCyanide case coloring. Provided in tiger stripe pattern and swirled. For all antique and custom firearms.
Cyanide Case Coloring: This finish is commonly found on single shot actions in the tiger stripe pattern, which we do provide. Parts can also be processed to give the mottled and swirled effect of the bone charcoal method. Some common examples of this finish are the Stevens Single Shot actions with the tiger stripe pattern like the Favorite, 44 & the 44½. We also find many of the A. H. Fox double guns with this process in the common swirl and mottled pattern.
Carbonia BlueCarbonia bluing for Colt, Winchester, and all fireams.
Carbonia Blue/Charcoal Blue: This finish is produced in a gas furnace which is exactly how it was done by the manufacturers like Colt, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, and almost all other arms makers before WW II. Carbonia blue is the Cadillac of finishes. It's glossy black in appearance which has a mirror depth to it (when the metal is polished to a high luster), and hard wearing. There are some different methods other shops may try to use and duplicate this finish, but for it to be a true Carbonia finish, it must be processed in a gas furnace retort.
Nitre / Fire BlueColt Single Action Army Niter Blue screws.
Nitre Blueing: Or sometimes called fire bluing, produces that brilliant iridescent peacock blue. Commonly seen on Colt Single Action Army screws. This finish is a great way to decorate the appointments of a gun, but it's not the most durable and not well suited for larger parts of guns receiving a lot of handling.
Slow Rust BlueRust Blue as found on Winchester Marlin and other antique and custom rifles and shotguns.
Slow Rust Blue & Browning: Our Slow Rust Bluing process is highly controlled in both the rusting environment, and processing time. Over years of research and development, R.G.S. makes every one of our own rusting agents, and when combined with expertly controlled rusting cycles it allows us to develop a finish highly superior to competitors. Rather than a soft etched finish commonly seen from other shops, our finish displays a very distinct keen black shimmer.
Best English BlackingBest English Blacking for fine quality antique, modern, and custom firearms.
Best English Blacking: Holland's, Purdy's, Westley Richards, they all use this finish on their Dbl. Gun tubes. The hallmark of Best English Blacking is a very glossy rich black color, which is still a Slow Rust Blue finish. This finish takes much more time than a normal rust blue, but the results are absolutely astounding! There's no better finish than this to adorn a custom rifle or shotgun.

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