All of us at R.G.S. are dedicated to the customer! By providing the very best services available, while working with the customer on the details of their project with them, is the exact reason we have grown to enjoy the wonderful reputation we do. Our goal at R.G.S. Restorations is to offer our customers an uncompromising commitment to quality with their expectations in mind. Whether it's a factory exact restoration, to an all-out custom one-of-a-kind arm, your project is bespoke.

About Paul Lippold

The beginning of R.G.S. Restorations, Inc. actually starts back in 1964 when Paul's father Ron lippold started his shop aptly called... yep, you guessed it Ron's Gun Shop, which is where the R.G.S. comes from. "Growing up in the gun business I have always been involved with fine firearms. Little did I know at the time, all those hours of helping dad at the shop and going to gun shows would pay dividends later in life." Paul's serious entry into the gun trade took place at 16, which oddly enough happens to coincide with the teenage right of passage of getting ones driver license. "Gas money and automotive speed parts were my first real incentives to get serious about firearm refinishing." General gun repairs, countless numbers of re bluing jobs, and store sales all set the foundation for everything to follow. R.G.S. Restorations was the natural progression of the artisan to expand his services in antique and custom guns. Outside of work Paul can be found enjoying time at the rifle range, golf course and, being from Oshkosh, the airport. As an aviation aficionado, immediately after earning his Private Pilots License, Paul set forth on earning his Instrument Rating, which he followed right after by the earning of his Commercial Pilots License. "I guess it's the natural perfectionist in me to have the desire to continually keep learning and to do better." Today, what started back in 1964 by Paul's father, firmly rests in the hands of the second generation of firearm professionals. "24 years later and I'm still refinishing guns for gas money. And if your in Oshkosh for the E.A.A., feel free to stop in for a visit."


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